Emile Simpson

Emile Simpson is an Ernest May Fellow in History and Policy at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, within the International Security Program.

His main academic and policy facing interests are in contemporary armed conflict, counter-insurgency, strategy, international law, and constitutional law.

He served in the British Army as an infantry officer in the Royal Gurkha Rifles until 2012. In this role, he completed three tours in Southern Afghanistan in combat and operational planning roles. On his last tour he worked for a special team that reported from the field directly to the Commander of the International Security and Assistance Force.

He previously read history at Oxford University, and also holds a Graduate Diploma in English law. He has also completed a visiting fellowship at the Oxford University Changing Character of War Programme.

He is the author of War From the Ground Up: Twenty-First-Century Combat as Politics, which was shortlisted for the UK Royal United Service Institute and British Army book of the year.

He writes and comments regularly on foreign policy, in Foreign Policy where he is a columnist, and in various other publications such as The Financial Times, Newsweek, The Times, and The Guardian.